Digitalize Your Facility Management

Managing both the personal relationships with tenants and the day-to-day facility upkeep of your property is a complex juggling act. 
 Unless you have our Facility Management App.

Alfaveo is a boutique software developer that builds and customizes apps to fit the exacting needs of businesses to streamline operations, simplify decision-making, and support growth. is a Facility Management app that helps will all aspects of managing properties and facilities. 


Custom-built apps solve problems:

  • Save time
  • Avoid headaches
  • Increase efficiency
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Establish workflows
  • Maintain a transparent overview

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Rent. Water damage. Documentation. Electrical issues.  Safety. Parking.
 Weatherization. Graffiti. Inspections.

The list of tasks that a Facility Manager must handle is never-ending, but an 
 app customized to the specific property can be worth several employees. 

Personal relationships and a hands-on approach are key to keeping customers happy in any industry. 
When it comes to the facility management of apartment buildings, handling tenants — in other words: homes and families — communication is essential. 
Two German property management companies Brasche Immobilien and vielWerk — have leveraged technology to effectively solidify their relationship with both tenants and third-party contractors. 

Rent must be gathered on time. Damage should be handled quickly and efficiently. Inspection announcements need be posted in public places. And necessary changes to contracts need to be handled with delicacy. 

And that is only part of the day-to-day duties that our powerful Facility Management app handles. Here is what else it does:

  • Damage workflow  — A codified process has made dealing with damage into an efficient process.
  • Overview of Operations — A transparent dashboard for the entire operation provides real-time information.
  • Snapshot of Each Property — It takes just seconds to search for and find basic information.
  • Back-office Tasks are Easier — Digital paperwork eliminates a lot of old-fashioned busy work. 
  • Schedule Ahead of Time — Always have enough manpower and avoid conflicts for inspections and maintenance.
  • Keep the Tenants in the Loop — Inform tenants of inspections and maintenance, either by email or automated posters.
  • Mobility — Jobsite employees stay in touch with project managers through smartphones and tablets.
  • Third-party Communication — Maintain relationships to expedite the creation of invoices and simplify insurance claims.
  • Notifications — Reminder system for inspections and rental expiration dates.
  • Inspections — Checklists verify that everything is in operating order. 

Damage Is Unavoidable. Digitalized Workflows Expedite the Fixes.

When something goes wrong — a broken window, a clogged sink, a jammed lock — a damage report needs to be created and disseminated to key handymen and throughout the system. 
Whenever a tenant reports damage, Brasche Immobilien, a real estate company, is able to seamlessly work with vielWerk, a construction company. Both use apps that were customized to each company's exacting needs. vielWerk reacts quickly, deals with the issues, and Brasche administration can keep tabs on the overall process. 

Alfaveo Creates Solutions for Many Different Types of Businesses

  • Enterprise Resources Planning
  • Warehouse Management
  • Facility Management
  • Internal Workflows
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Approval Workflows

Everything is tailored specifically to each business and every requirement.

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Alfaveo is a boutique software developer that builds and customizes apps to fit the exacting needs of businesses to streamline operations, simplify decision-making, and support growth.

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